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Who said size makes a difference?
24 Gen 2023, 16:30
Are you ready for the incredible pocket novelty from Funko mom?
Who said size makes a difference?
The Toy Fair 2023 is taking place in London these days, this year Funko has announced the release of 2 new types of products: Bitty POP! & Bitty Soda.
In this post you can take a look at these pocket wonders (Italian preview).
" Shrink " your collection with all-new Bitty collectibles!

These 1 inch (2.5cm) tall figures are tiny versions of some of the Funko POP! & Funko Soda most popular in the world of collectibles.

Each set of four Bitty's comes with a clear acrylic stackable case for easy display and transport (for POPs!) and a mini fridge for sodas.
In the acrylic box Only three of the four figures present are visible as the mysterious character could be the much coveted Chase variant.

Collectors can still choose to display these micro figures in or out of the box, just like their full-sized counterparts, as their little "packaging" can be easily removed

And will you make them yours?
We can't wait to have them in our hands (slurp)

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