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We take a break
06 Ago 2022, 19:45
The Popsplanet Store in Naples will be closed from 7:45 pm on 06/08 until 09:30 on 22/08
We take a break
We take a break, because even the bravest Umpa Lumpa need some healthy relaxation

Saturday 06/08 at 7:45 pm we go on vacation, and then come back loaded and with lots of news Monday 22/08 at 09:30

But in order not to leave you in complete abstinence, our online shop will remain active 24 hours a day, and shipments will continue regularly throughout the summer and I assure you that several hand grenades have arrived;)

In addition, short but intense extraordinary openings will be possible during this period, follow us on social networks to find out when to find some more disconsolate Umpa Lumpa in the store